Being the Best Slave in Public

March 17, 2011


While being a slave might be something you reserve for certain times in the bedroom, there will be times when your Mistress/Master wants to take you out in public (assuming you’ve been a good slave). And while it might not take the same shape as your slave sessions, you still need to be ready to prove your commitment to the pleasure and the pride of your Dom/me. To accomplish this task, you need to be the best slave possible whenever you are in public with your Master/Mistress. Though you might not be punished for wrongdoing when out on the town, you can be certain your Dom/me will not be pleased with a slave who misbehaves.

What Does They Want?

Before you leave for an outing in public, it might be a good idea to talk to your Dom/me about what they need and what they expect. You want to make sure you are clear about their expectations so that you can ensure you are doing everything they want. This is especially important when you have not been in public together or you do not have any preset agreements in place for these sorts of situations. Have your Dominant come up with a list of rules for you to follow and to memorize before the big day. This way, you will both know what is going to happen and what will be watched as the time progresses.

Graceful and Polite are the Keys

Though your Master/Mistress may not say these rules aloud, all Dominants want their slaves to be graceful and polite. This means you should move deliberately when you move and that you should be polite as possible to all that you meet. This is not a time to be cheeky or to be sarcastic. You are a representative of your Master/Mistress when you are out in public – every move you make reflects their training and reflects their decision to be with you. If you embarrass your Dom/me, you will not only cause troubles for yourself, but also for your Dominants reputation.

When you move from place to place, you should do so smoothly and without rushing. This will ensure that you look graceful and that you do not cause any unnecessary accidents. In addition, always call people by their proper names, especially when those names are requested. Remember names when they are given to you and be certain to ask your Dominant for permission if you unsure of what to do about something.

Plan for Your Outing Ahead of Time

It will help if you take some time on your own to prepare for your time with your Dom/me. You will already have a list of things you know you need to do, so you can start there. However, you might also want to practice in public on your own as though your Master/Mistress was beside you. This way, you can see what to do if things get complicated. For example, if someone approaches you to talk, how will you respond? Practicing on your own will allow you to work out any kinks before you are on your Dominant’s arm.

Being the best slave extends to circumstances when you are not tied up or screaming out in pain. You need to make sure the lessons you are taught in the dungeon – grace, humility, and control – are shown to the rest of the world when you are in it. The more respect you show in public, the more your Dom/me will be proud to have you as their submissive. A Dominant wants to see the lessons they has taught you be used in real life. Your Dom/me wants to be pleased with their work.

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