BDSM Zipper String Method

Creating a new toy for your playroom can be an exciting way to change things up and to save money on your BDSM shopping list. The zipper string is a fun addition and it can certainly make the slave jump when they realize that putting on the clothespins is just the beginning of their new pain adventure. This is a low cost toy that will add hours of fun to your next training session, and you might end up making more than one in order to create the most intense effect during a scene.

Supplies You’d Need

Kink No Longer A Mental Disorder

If you have an interest in BDSM, I’m sure at one point or another you have heard the mentioning of the “Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM).  This is essentially the bible of the mental health professional in the United States, essentially it is used to classify mental disorders.  In this manual there…

When Master Struggled, i Learned

i am a slave devoted to the loving care, happiness and desires of my Master. But recently it was beginning to feel as if i had no tools, no training, no clue or understanding about how to help that one most important person in my life, my Master.

It is amazing how unbalanced you can feel when the person who takes care of all your needs is struggling. When the one person who is always calm and in control, focused and strong is faced with a situation that is creating tremendous strain and stress on them and they now seem to be unbalanced themselves.

When i look at all that Master has done and continues to do every day so that W/we can live this amazing life.; To make sure that all my needs are met emotional, physically, financially, spiritual, i am flooded with such deep love and respect for Him. I’m humbled by His passion and capacity to love, His strength, integrity, honesty, His guidance, patience and humor. i understand more deeply my feelings of gratitude and honor to belong to Him. How blessed i am to Love Him… Why every day i choose to serve Him.

The Power Of A Master’s Voice

Inspiration to motivate a submissive to want to submitThough many slave training sites will have you believe that a Master’s job is merely to use a whip to get their submissive to do what they want, this is not the entire story. Instead, a Master can use their voice and their tone to completely control and manage the behaviors of a slave, allowing them to spend less energy and less time on training and more time on seeing the results of a completely submissive slave.

Tone is Everything

Your voice changes, depending on the way you feel and depending on the way you interact with others. And while your slave may not understand all of the nuances of your voice, realize that your voice will convey the way you feel and the way you are in control (or not). The deeper your voice, the more controlling you will appear, so it is best to try to use that lower tone when you are in a scene with a slave. In addition, make sure you speak slowly, as this forces the slave to listen to every word you have to say and to respond only when you are done talking (not when they want to respond).

Silence Creates Control