Is It Coincidence?

July 21, 2014

The beauty of a silent submissive

I think this was very much on purpose.  To listen one must be silent, both truly important skills for a submissive to master.  What do you think?

Master Bishop


Sub Question: How Do I Beg/Plead Better

July 15, 2014

A begging slave

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some useful tips on how to plead/beg better, I am OK But I feel I could do much better, I know submissiveness comes from the heart and it does with me, but there is always room for improvement, one never stops learning.



Master Bishop’s Opinion:

When it comes to begging and pleading, there are certainly always opportunities for improvement. One of the things I most often notice about submissives is that they don’t seem sincere. They just say the first thing that pops into their head. Which tends to translate too “Please may I XXXXX”

To serve your Mistress or Master better, you will want to make sure your begging comes from a deeper place, a place of wanting to please and a place of wanting to do all that you can to serve.

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What works well is to make sure you are specific in your begging. When you aren’t specific, it’s hard to feel the heart of what you want – which I imagine is your deep need to be submissive. Think about what you want and about how you feel about your Dominant. This might require you do some homework before you enter a scene, and that you start thinking about your role long before you’re in a dungeon. Make a list of all of the ways in which you serve and how you want to serve your Dominant.  Beside that list, write out why you enjoy serving in that way. How do you feel when you are actually performing those tasks for your Dominant. Much of your begging can stem from these internal drives. Include these internal desires in your begging. Begging is essentially becoming an open book to your Dominant and verbally expressing your deepest desires for their Them and Their Domination.  Review this list again and again to ensure you’re in the mindset of being a submissive, rather than just playing the part of one.

When you truly become connected to your submissive role and desires, you will show your Dominant that you are sincere. Part of this connection can also come from talking to your Dominant about what they want from you. By understanding their needs, you can fulfill your role. This is something I often do outside of the scene, as you don’t want to interrupt a high-energy scene with a lot of discussion. Set aside time with your Dominant, with the goal of understanding how they want to see you beg and plead more effectively and authentically.

It can also be helpful to have a discussion about the scene after it is over. When you are asking for corrections and guidance, you are more involved and therefore more effective.

Within the scene itself, it makes sense to be clear about when begging and pleading are appropriate. When your Dominant asks you what you want, state what you want clearly and then become subservient. Use the title that your Dominant has asked you to use, and also be clear about using the name for yourself that has been chosen – i.e. ‘this slave.’

Talking in the third person can also help to differentiate between your role and the role of your Dominant. This creates even more distance between the power roles, and will allow the begging to be even more effective. Talking about ‘this slave’ or ‘your slave’ will allow you to show you not only understand your role, but you also can understand how your Dominant sees you.

Over time, it might become apparent what works best for your relationship, as all relationships are different. While I want to tell you that one thing will work in all situations, this is simply not true. Instead, you need to be ready and willing to work with your Dominant to find out what will be most effective in your unique situation.

Begging and pleading is also more engaging when you repeat what you want over and over again. Repetition allows time for the Dominant to hear your longing, to know your true desire to please. Though there is a point at which repetition can come across as false, the more you repeat your pleading, the more you will break through to the true nature of your words.

You will break down and come to the place where it’s clear you are giving over your will to your Dominant.

Practice does make perfect in this case. With dedication, clarity, and inner reflection, your begging and pleading will become genuine. You will truly be the slave your Dominant wants you to be.

If you have a begging/pleading tip that you would like to share, please share it below.

Regards, Master Bishop


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Domination Of An Alpha Submissive

June 25, 2014

Having discussed the ups and downs of a long term Dominant/submissive relationship with Master Alan, I figured everybody could benefit from their fifteen years together.  While a Dom/sub dynamic seems simple enough from the outside looking, in fact it can be even more complex and difficult to manage.  However, the benefits and joys that one can experience if able to work through such difficult situations can prove to be truly euphoric.  Many would agree well worth any struggle.

This is why I asked Master Alan to share with you his story about the winding and sometimes bumpy road He and his Alpha submissive took to get where they are now.  Clearly this long journey can not be expressed in one article, so Master Alan will be sharing his story in multiple articles.  I hope you enjoy and learn from his experience and knowledge.


Master Bishop


I want to take a moment to clarify something. What I will be discussing here is my personal dynamic and beliefs. I personally feel that when you place a collar on a sub/slave (s/s) that it holds the same weight as a legal marriage. It is a commitment. I am not referring to a collar used during play for purposes of restraint. I am talking about when you collar a s/s as your property and take ownership. You should also understand that this lifestyle has many different aspects to it. What works for us, can be (and usually is), totally different from what works for others. There is no right or wrong dynamic, but what works for your situation. Our dynamic has evolved over the years to what it is today. I am sure that it will look totally different ten years from now.

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We have been together almost fifteen years as of this writing. We were legally married over fourteen years ago and after the reception I placed my collar on her. She didn’t cry at the wedding but she did as I slipped that collar around her neck. We have had our ups and downs and nearly divorced four years ago. We have worked through all of our issues and continue to move forward. Living a D’s dynamic can be more challenging than a vanilla relationship, but the rewards are far greater. When your s/s is completely devoted to you in their heart, mind and soul, you will know what I mean.

Most could not handle my sub. She is an alpha female outside of our relationship. She is an extremely strong willed person. When we met, she was a go to, get it done business manager. She was on top of her game and climbing the corporate ladder. She was in charge of all aspects of her professional life. At the time her personal life was full of ups and downs, with mostly downs. She had always dated men that have dominant personalities but not in the D’s lifestyle. Most were abusive, in a bad way, and a couple were just game players or trolls. Due to things that happened to her as a child and as an adult, she had built a huge wall around herself. She had serious trust issues which included her family. At the end of the day when we are at home, she submits to my authority. She knows that I will do what’s best for us and I have her complete trust.

The first obstacle I had, was gaining her trust. A s/s gives their submission to you, it is not something that you can take from them. A s/s will not give their submission to someone they don’t trust. A sub must know that you have their best interest at heart and that you will not injure them. They must also trust you not to push them beyond their limits, turning what should be fun play into outright abuse or assault. They must also trust that their submission is not a one way street.

A s/s is still a person, a human being. They have needs, wants and fears and it is different for each one. All of the Dominants, with long lasting D’s relationships which I know, have taken the time to figure out the things their s/s needs and provide it. They give back to their s/s in a loving and caring way. This will definitely look different in every relationship, but it is there.

We as Doms/Masters (D/M) are responsible for our play things. It is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. When you take on a full time sub/slave, you become responsible for their health and well-being. If they are sick you take them to the doctor. If they are sad you comfort them. If they need clothing, you buy it. The list goes on, but each s/s will have needs that must be met if you’re going to have a successful D’s relationship. They are still human beings and look to us to provide them some form of security and comfort in their lives.

Our personal dynamic has changed several times over the years. My sub was a stay at home mom for ten years but is back in the workforce. During the time she was a stay at home, all of the domestic responsibilities fell on her. She was responsible for keeping the home running on a day to day basis. I paid bills and did do more of the “man-ly” things like yard work and home repairs. I do a lot of cooking as well. I enjoy it and I am a much better cook than her because I have trained with professional chefs. Once she reentered the workforce we changed our dynamic. We now split the work at home and normally complete all the domestic duties by working together. It allows us more time and energy to do the things that truly matter.

On my next writing I will get more into the dynamic of our personal relationship. Remember, this is how I live a D’s dynamic and is not an end all for a D’s relationship. Ours is a committed life long relationship and requires work every day if it is to survive.


Master Alan


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All About Ass Worship

June 19, 2014

Slave Worshipping Dominatrix' AssFor some BDSM couples, it’s all about the ass. And why shouldn’t it be? Round and ripe for all sorts of play, this area of the body can be erogenous as much as it can be a target for punishment. In the practice of ass worship, you can begin to focus on your partner’s ass or you can have your ass worshipped, depending on your desires. Here are some basic ways you can begin to create an ass filled night, pun intended.

Oral Pleasure and the Ass

While many people think that ass worship only goes one way, in fact ass worship can go both ways.

Worshiping your Dom/me’s Ass:  Any submissive can easily  pleasure their Master’s cock or their Mistress’ pussy on command. Most usually beg for the chance.  However, to be forced to get on their knees and only be allowed to pleasure the dirtiest of holes can be a powerful experience for a sub.  This form of ass worship expresses two very clear points: Read more

1)The submissive is not an equal to the Dom/me and that their place is beneath their Dom/me. Literally with their face in the Dom/me’s ass. Ever heard of a “Brown-Noser?” This is literally what you are making your sub do.  They have to suck up to the Dom/me by sticking their face in the Dominant’s ass.

2) It is the submissive’s job to please their Dom/me, in any way They may desire (within pre-discussed limits).  A good submissive will want to please their Dom/me even if it means that they are only worthy enough to worship their Dom/me’s ass.  Think about it, a Dom/me only uses this part of their body for dirtiest of activities and a submissive is being made to worship it.  This can be a very humiliating and/or humbling experience for a slave.

Worshiping A Slave’s Ass:  There’s nothing as exciting as making a slave scream with pleasure when a Dom/me is worshiping a slave’s ass orally. When the slave is bound up, they can have their ass licked and stimulated with the tongue. While this is pleasurable for lots of subs because of the many nerve endings in the ass, this can also be a scene of humiliation for some slaves. Since the ass is the ‘dirty’ place that no one is supposed to see or to touch, this becomes a risqué and edge pushing scene for many a slave. To prepare for this sort of scene, it might be a good idea for the slave to be instructed to clean the area thoroughly as this will only serve to make them all the more excited for the upcoming scene.

This type of worship also enforces the idea that the sub’s body belongs to their Dom/me.  That no part of their body is off limits (if previously agreed upon).  Their body belongs to their Dominant, including this most intimate and sensitive of areas.

Filling the Ass for Pleasure

But this anal opening is also a place that is not supposed to have anything put into it, which can make this a very intense scene.

Worshiping A Slave’s Ass: Penetrating a submissive anally can have a very powerful effect for both the Dom/me and sub.  The anus is such a extremely sensitive and delicate part of a person’s body, even more so then the vagina or penis.  Therefore to receive something in the anus at their Dom/me’s command takes a lot of trust from a submissive and makes them extremely vulnerable. Penetrating a submissive anally can show:

1) That the submissive trusts their Dominant and that even when given access to such a delicate part of a sub, they know their Dominant will protect them and do everything in your power to not hurt them.

2) That the submissive’s body belongs to the Dom/me and they will provide the Dom/me with pleasure when they want and how they want.  Even if it means giving their Dominant access to such an uncommonly used hole.

When you want to worship a slave’s ass, it can be highly exciting to see what sorts of items can be placed into the anus. Don’t get too carried away, some slaves have tighter asses, so they will need you to begin very slowly. Anal Training a submissive is not an overnight process, it is very hard for both the Dom/me and submissive. One helpful tool can be to incorporate an anal training kit. These kits include butt plugs that gradually get larger with each plug, helping the slave begin to feel more and more comfortable with anal penetration one step at a time. Dildos can also be used as can inflatable butt plugs, when the submissive becomes more comfortable and advanced.

Helpful Tip: Keep these items in the ass as long as possible during other activities, i.e. oral sex, to help connect the ass play with pleasure.

Worshiping A Dom/me’s Ass: While anally penetrating a Dom/me is not as common as with a sub in a Dom/sub relationship, there are some Dom/me’s that do enjoy this kind of worship.  While the submissive may get a chance to worship their Dom/me’s ass by penetrating it, this does not mean they will have the honor of being the one to penetrate it. 

Many Dom/mes will use a dildo face harness so they can still enjoy the sensations of anal penetration while maintaining a Dominant position with their submissive.   This power dynamic is maintained while: 

1) The submissive is allowed to pleasure their Dom/me as is their job, they however do not get the honor of being the one to penetrate their Dom/me.  This means they are always on the outside, so there is no physical stimulation for them to enjoy as they service their Dom/me. All they can do is focus on worshiping their Dom/me’s ass as they move the harness in and out

2) The Dominant stands over their submissive, thus forcing the sub to their knees and beneath their Dom/me in order to utilize the face harness.

3) For a sub knowing they are so close to something they know would feel amazing can drive them wild.  Being in this frenzied state can heighten their need to please their Dom/me for hopefully that one chance that they just might be allowed. A powerful tool in any Dom/me’s arsenal is creating a state of wild frenzied sexual energy mixed with hope that can keep a sub truly motivated. Hence allowing a submissive to look but not to touch.

Punishment and Ass Play

Some Dominants like to worship the ass by seeing just how much abuse it can take. You can use several different techniques to make sure the ass is cherry red and sensitive at the end of the session: spanking, flogging, whipping, etc. It’s always a good idea to begin with spanking as this will make the blood rush to the surface of the skin, and this will ensure maximum sensitivity for other implements. Once the skin is good and red, then you can use a crop or some other implement to continue the ass worship. Of course, inserting something into the ass during this practice can be a good test of a slave’s concentration. Let them know they need to keep the object in their ass – or get punished even more.

Whether Y/you want to show Your submissive that their body belongs to You or prove to your Dominant how much you worship every inch of Them.   Everyone wins with ass worship, so don’t forget to add some into your training regime.


Master Bishop

P.S.  Feel free to add any of your favorite ways to ass worship.  Just leave a comment below.


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Making BDSM Dating A Little Easier

May 30, 2014

HelpWantedToFindAKinkyPartnerFinding a compatible partner in the vanilla world can be a very difficult task.  Each person has different morals, values, sense of humor, goals in life, physical tastes, etc, etc  There are hundreds of different things that can make or break a vanilla relationship and determine if two individuals will ever be truly compatible.  Now if dating is difficult in the vanilla world, that must make dating in the Kinky community extremely difficult.

You still have all the difficulties and compatibility issues that vanilla daters face but now you have to find someone that is your complete opposite in regards to your kinks.  If you like being Dominant then you need to find someone who likes to be submissive, however its not that simple. Does this person have similar kinks and lifestyle desires as you?  Are they wanting to be in a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship or are they just looking to be submissive in the bedroom.  Do they want a monogamous relationship or a poly relationship. If you enjoy spanking, flogging, caning, bondage, etc, do they enjoy these activities as well.  I’m sure you can see how being kinky adds so many more dynamics to an already complex dating situation.  While it may seem impossible to find someone in this lifestyle, you have to remember there is someone for everyone in this world.

Where To Find A Partner

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Local Munches

Go onto to google and search for “Your town/city, State/Province munches” This should give you a few websites that will point you in the direction of munches being held in your area.  Munches are just a meetup of local kinksters who get together over lunch or dinner.  There is no playing of any kind.  Its just a chance to meet local people in your area.

Many people become frustrated by going to munches because they never meet someone anyone they date.  Well you shouldn’t go to munches with the idea of meeting your next life partner.  Instead you should go to a munch just looking to make friends.  Get to know different people, you might meet your new best friend or perhaps someone you could learn a new skill from or maybe there is someone who knows a person you might like.  Munching is all about just getting out and meeting new people in a safe pressure free public environment.

Fetish Events

Most places these days have fetish events happening almost every month if not multiple times a month.  Again go to google and search for “Your town/city, State/Province BDSM Events” or “Your town/city, State/Province Fetish Events”

These events are not as casual as a munch and like most nightclubs they can be difficult to meet and talk to new people.  With that said you probably won’t find a place with more kinky people all in one spot at same time then a BDSM event.


There are lots of online BDSM dating sites, kinky social networks, forums, and online communities.  While online will have tons of kinksters it also tends to attract fakers, gawkers, posers, and assholes.  It can be very difficult to push through all the rough to find that one special person.  You have to remember that it is very easy to anybody to create a anonymous account and do whatever they want with little or no consequences.

This can make things hard for you as a real genuine individual trying to separate yourself from the fakes and trying to find that special individual amongst all the time wasters.

How To Attract A Partner Online

Since most of the emails I receive ask how to meet someone online, I’m going to focus on ways you can improve your chances of meeting that special kinky person online.


When someone comes to your profile and they see you don’t have a single picture of yourself, alarm bells start ringing.  In a day and age when everybody has a cell phone and every cell phone has a camera and selfies are the most common image online, people assume the worst when they see a profile without a picture.  The mind starts racing to the point where they assume the reason you don’t have a picture is because you are trying to hide the fact that you are a cross between the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Now chances are good this is probably not the case.  Many people do not put pictures of themselves on fetish websites because of the consequences that may occur if their interest in the lifestyle is discovered.  If this is the reason you do not have pictures on your profile, its perfectly understandable but than you need to explain the reasoning behind your lack of photos.

Let people reading your profile know that due to professional, family or whatever other reason there may be that you can not have a picture up on the fetish website.  Ensure them that you do have photos but you can only send them to someone privately.

However, profiles with pictures of yourself are more likely to receive emails, but you should only expose your identity on the web if you are comfortable with your fetishes being discovered by people in your vanilla world.

Alternative Photos

While you may need to hide your face, that doesn’t mean you have to hide the rest of your body.  Showing yourself from the neck down or with your face whited out doing different everyday activities that help to humanize your profile.  Remember there are fakers out there who just open up profiles with stock images, so showing you doing different activities will show you are real.

When I mean alternative photos I don’t mean naked photos, but photos that are fully clothed showing you doing an everyday activity or a BDSM related activity if you have any.

Nude Pics

Men: If the only pictures you have on your profile are of your cock, don’t be surprised when women don’t respond to you.  Most women, even highly sexual kinky women require more then cock to become aroused and to form a connection with a man.  Only having a picture of your cock says 1) All you think and care about is sex 2) You have zero personality.

Women: All it takes is one picture of your genitalia and lots of men stop thinking with their brains.  The penis takes over and the only thing they can think about is sex.  Now, if all you want is sex or kinky talk then this method will work.  However, your mind is a beautiful wonderful thing that makes you who you are. It’s easy to win men over with your body. Win them over with your mind; they’ll respect you so much more.  Don’t forget, men love the chase.  Make him chase you and prove that he is worthy of having the honor of seeing you naked.

Sending An Email

Read The Person’s Profile

Take 5 minutes, sit down and actually read the person’s profile before ever sending them an email.  Their profile can potentially provide some amazing insights into who they are as a person, as a kinkster and the fetishes they enjoy.  This can help to determine if they potential would even be a possible match for you.  For example, if you are submissive, sending an email to another submissive asking them to Dominate you is not going to work.  Or if someone hates bondage but its your favorite pastime, then chances are good things will not work out.  Just because you really want something does not mean someone else will enjoy it as well.  So instead of emailing everybody you come across just because they are kinky, find the profiles that better match you and your desires.

 Is Your Email Readable

Don’t get Me wrong, I’m far from a grammar nazi. I believe that communication is all about delivering your message. As long as the person reading it can understand what you are trying to say, your goal has been accomplished.  With that said, I don’t know how many emails I receive where I can’t even interpret the basic concept of the message.

I know it can be hard sending an email via smartphone, but take that extra time to make sure the email at least makes sense.  People will not respond to emails they can not understand.

Jumping Right Into Kink

A good rule of thumb for starting any email correspondence:

If you wouldn’t say it to a person you just met in public, then don’t say it to someone you are introducing yourself to online

Here are some crazy introductory emails people I know have received:

“I just want to strangle you with a garbage bag” – This doesn’t say sophisticated and kinky man when saying hi for the first time as much as it says potential serial killer. W/we all have O/our kinks but try saying hi before you bring up strangling someone with a garbage bag.

“You have nice hair. Just begging to play horsey with you” – Points for originality, but maybe she doesn’t like having her hair played with like a pony.  In this case she didn’t, so he should have gotten to know her first before assuming she would want this.

“I just want stuff My face into your butt hole” – In the dog world it is common practice for animals to just run up to each other and stick their nose in another dog’s ass.  However, in the human world and even in the kinky world this is considered rude.

While W/we are all kinky and can enjoy these activities, it usually takes a lot of time to build up the kind of trust a person needs to be able to explore them with someone else. This kind of trust is not developed with one or two emails.  You can not bypass proper human etiquette just because you think someone else is kinky and wants to get off the same way you do. Perhaps they do, but that doesn’t mean they want to get off that way with the complete stranger.  If someone doesn’t know you and the type of person you are, these kinds of comments can come off as scary.  Instead try and get to know them and learn about who they are in and out of their lifestyle, then you can better gauge how a comment like these will be taken.

Don’t Get Upset

If someone doesn’t email you back, don’t get upset.  There are tons of kinksters in this world, not everyone of them will want to play with you.  That is just reality!  There are also lots of kinksters who will want to play with you.  Don’t focus and waste your time with people who don’t want to be with you.  Instead spend your time focused on the people who do.

While none of these tips can ensure success, hopefully by focusing your search and showing off who you are to the kinky world will help to attract the person that you have been looking for.  The true key is patience as nothing worthwhile comes instantly.  Many times O/our greatest successes come from a hard long struggle so that W/we can truly learn to appreciate it when it does finally come.


Master Bishop

P.S. If you have any other tips that you think are important please leave a comment below.  W/we can only grow by sharing with each other.


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10 Tips For Unattached Submissives

May 11, 2014

Being True To Your Submissive SelfBeing an unattached submissive can be a very difficult thing to live with.  First it takes a lot of deep internal searching to discover one’s submissive desires in the first place, a huge amount of courage to come to terms with it and its a massive heartache to not have anyone to serve with your natural desires and abilities.  This is why sub cee decided to write an article about some tips a submissive should keep in mind when they are unattached. Tips that will hopefully ease your needs, and desires until you find that Dominant who deserves to have your submission as a gift.


Master Bishop


  1. Try not to focus on the fact that you’re unattached. This thought has the ability to stir up all kinds of problems. Other areas in your kinky life you could focus your attention could be what you’re looking for in your next potential partner, taking time to figure out what defines you as a person besides being submissive, taking the time to figure out where in your life your energy would be most valuable or giving your attention to the wonderful people you surround yourself with. Being unattached does not mean that you are alone in your submissive journey or that you can’t keep moving forward.

  2. Having no one to serve can be rough. If your desire to serve becomes overwhelming, think of other places/situations where you could put this desire to good use. Perhaps you could offer to perform household duties for family members or take to volunteering and serve the community. It will not be the same as having a Master but it will ease the frustration as well as help to make the lives of others easier/happier. If possible, perhaps confide in a friend or loved one of your desires to serve and see if there is anything they need help with. This will at least focus your attention to one person.

  3. Have a special place for yourself. The world doesn’t need to know where you are or what you’re doing every minute of every day. A special place could be an actual physical place, it could be a mindset, and it could be a number of things. You could head to a coffee shop, leave your phone at home and bring your favorite book. It’s simply a place where you can feel at ease. It’s where you feel comfortable. Having a special place you can think and reflect will help you be able to quiet your mind. It will help you become present and focus. Many submissives find that part of the appeal of serving is just being able to shut off your mind and letting someone else take over. In your special place, you may not be able to shut off your mind but you should be able to quiet the buzzing.

  4. Read. Educate yourself. Have respectful debates. Keep your mind sharp. Your mind is a beautiful wonderful thing that makes you who you are. It’s easy to win men over with your body. Win them over with your mind; they’ll respect you so much more.

  5. Learn to understand that you have one body. Treat it with love and respect. For now, this body is yours and deserves your care and appreciation. Tell yourself phrases you’d want your Master to tell you. Take the time to learn what loving yourself means to you and show yourself that meaning over and over every single day. Make it a habit to love yourself. Practice it. Write phrases on your mirrors, shout it from your car, let the whole world know how much you love yourself. Once you can love yourself, you’ll have so much more energy to spend loving those around you. You’ll become more comfortable with yourself and your life. You’ll feel wonderful.

  6. Masturbate as often or as little as you like. Seriously, if you want to touch yourself 4 times a day then do it. As long as it is not interfering with the rest of your life then why not! There are lots of submissives out there that are used to orgasm denial and could possibly be just coming out a relationship where they are not used to owning their orgasms. If this is the case, touch yourself if you want to. Become used to pleasuring yourself. Talk dirty to yourself, spank yourself. Do not be ashamed of it. Until you are owned this is your body. Own it!

  7. Keep a journal. One day your Master may want to know your story. It will be much easier to show him your story instead of trying to recite it from memory. Writing can also connect the thoughts in your brain differently than originally planned. Physically writing things down is good for organizing the thoughts in your head. Sometimes your thoughts and desires may be scrambled. This is where writing will come in handy. It may not make sense at first but give it time. It will help.

  8. Understand that you can be independent and submissive. Just because you are unattached does not mean you are lost. There is much more out there in the world for you to experience. Do not let your relationship status dictate what direction you go in life. Take risks and have fun with them! If you are looking for it, maybe you’ll meet your person along the way. Submission does not mean you can’t make decisions for yourself. It means you would prefer to trust someone enough to handover that responsibility to.

  9. Be good and take care of yourself, your well-being and your health. Try to keep in mind that one day you will hand over your mind and body to your Dom/me.  Don’t you want to give them the best possible you that you can?  Do everything with your future Master/Mistress in mind. This may seem a little contradictory to some of the previous points but the point is to put out into the world what you would like to get back. If you want a kind, caring and protective Dominant, then you must first treat yourself with a kind, caring and protective manner. Be your version of being good. Don’t think that you need to be some rebellious person to attract the person you’re seeking. Be the beautiful person you are and let that shine.

  10. Be kind to yourself. You will screw up. Badly. Very very badly. There will be no one there to punish you and you may feel the need to punish yourself. There is a chance you will call yourself every rotten name under the sun. There is a chance that you may take it out on yourself physically. Understand that it is not your responsibility to lay out punishments. Take a moment to just breathe. You are not a bad person. Mistakes are made for a reason. They are lessons to learn from. On the flip side, forgive the mistakes of others. Your future Master may not have a sparkly clean slate either. We are all human.


sub cee

P.S. If you have any other tips that you think are important please leave a comment below.  W/we can only grow by sharing with each other.


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A Day In The Life Of A Slave Serving Her Master

May 1, 2014

i am a submissive/slave 24/7 to my Master. The journey began 21 years ago as Husband and wife and over the past 3 years has grown into the Master/slave, Total Power Exchange lifestyle i am honored and blessed to share with my Master/Husband. i’m certain this all sounds wonderful and romantic, erotic and fun; Living 24/7 in bondage or in a constant state of sexual arousal. Having all your fantasies and desires fulfilled while kneeling at the feet of your Master. Well yes, in many ways it is, but not always.

Join me for a typical Monday:

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Being a submissive/slave is an amazingly beautiful life for me. It is also a life that requires focus, strength, dedication and a host of skills. There are times when i look at my weekly schedule and daily chores and tasks and ask myself,where will you find the energy and time and oh, by the way, happy little slave when does the fun sexy kinky part begin?

Come on admit it, we are human after all. We do feel overwhelmed at times. Mondays it seems can be the most difficult for me. After spending the entire weekend literally 24/7 with Master i always seem to feel a bit lost and unfocused on Mondays. It seems to take me longer to get moving but my day still begins at 5:00am.


Feeling Master gently kiss my lips in the morning is the best alarm clock a slave can have. i reach up, pull Him closer, desperate for His warmth and the scent of Him. i whisper, “ good morning Master.” A quick peck on my forehead and He is gone to the bathroom to prepare for His day. Rolling over with a slight growl and a stretch i get up, take care of my immediate needs and off to the kitchen to make Master’s coffee and lunch.

Having received instructions Sunday night for His lunch preparation and any other needs He has for me to accomplish before He leaves for His day i get promptly to work.


Master’s morning coffee is placed at the table waiting for Him and i am brewing His second to go cup and making lunch. Master drinks His coffee in silence. gets up from the table and comes to the kitchen. i stop what I am doing turn to face Him lift my Hair stand in collar position and wait as Master removes my bedtime collar and replaces it with my day collar. Memories of the beautiful weekend flood my mind as Master takes me in His arms kisses me and wishes me a good day.

As He steps back i reach up in protest of His leaving. Gathering His coffee, lunch and keys He requests a quick rundown of my plans for the day. Completing my report at the door Master says “Very well, your day seems full and i have no other tasks or instruction for you at this time.”

“Thank you Sir, do You have a request for dinner this evening”

Master replies “surprise Me” and with a final kiss and a smack on His submissive bottom He leaves for the day.


i am standing in the kitchen holding Sir’s coffee cup feeling empty and lost. i need coffee. First tip of the day; i love using Master’s morning coffee cup. When He leaves in the morning i rinse it and use it to prepare my own coffee. No need to dirty a second cup and i get to taste Master’s delicious lips every time i sip from it. Best coffee ever. Coffee in hand i go to the office to check the calendar and plan my day.

Since i have a weekly schedule of chores and tasks i know that today is Bathroom cleaning (both). Monday is also the first of two laundry days and a gym day. Fortunately there are no other appointments for the day so i just need to get myself going. While finishing my coffee i begin to plan tonight’s dinner. Carefully inventorying my supplies and deciding on what meal to make. i love when Master gives me permission to surprise Him. Cooking or more appropriately preparing a meal for Master is an entire scene all by itself. Keep reading trust me, You’ll see.

Ok, moving along now, Dinner is planned the day is planned and coffee is done; Still having trouble getting motivated. i place my cup in the sink, walk past the washer and dryer and decide to begin there. i have a couple of reasons for beginning my chores with laundry. Once you sort and put it in the machine and push the button you are free for at least 30 – 45 min to work on another task. When that first load of laundry is in i feel a bit more motivated, one task is partly done in less than 15min. You go girl!!!


Bathrooms. Gathering all the cleaning supplies i need, i proceed to the master- bathroom to strip put on my cleaning gloves and clean it. Master would have me wear a uniform (or not) to clean the entire home but having O/our family reside with U/us creates some limitation. However, the master bedroom and bathroom can be locked; i am free to clean in uniform (naked with anal jewel). While scrubbing, i like to reflect on the weekend and on my growth as a submissive and areas that need work or perhaps some new areas i would like to explore. i also take this time to practice slave positions. When you have a busy schedule you need to learn to work things in where you can.

* Tip; i practice staying in forced position the entire time i am bending down cleaning the toilet. i practice kneeling and standing as gracefully as possible while cleaning the walls of the shower. i also practice bodily control, keeping my anal jewel in place while moving around and cleaning.


Master bath done. Remove anal Jewel, dress in comfortable sweats and move the cleaning to Main Bathroom.

Tip 2 – try to keep bathroom specific supplies in each bathroom. Toilet gels, cleaners, and sponges, less to carry from room to room. Before beginning the second bathroom i stop in the kitchen, move wash to dryer and begin another load of clothes push the button and voila another task done. i make a quick healthy breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and another cup of coffee. i don’t know about other submissives/slaves but i have been known to miss breakfast in the past. That is no longer allowed.


Breakfast out of the way, dishes rinsed and put into the dishwasher time to tackle next bathroom. So are we having fun yet?… Truthfully, i absolutely am. The entire time i am moving from task to task i’m thinking about how hard Master works to provide for U/us and how it pleases him to come home to a clean well-kept and organized home, how generous He is in showing His pride and appreciation for my service. i am comforted in the knowledge that what i do allows Master to completely focus His attentions at work, confident i have the home front all taken care of. Yes my heart is full, i have purpose.


Bathrooms are complete, cleaning supplies are put away. Dryer has stopped and 2nd wash needs to be dried. My dad (who i care for) is still asleep so i decide to continue on laundry. Tip: Folding clothes, stand in request position; feet shoulder length apart i bend at the waist as if in “present ass” position and pull the clothing out one garment at a time. Bend, stand, fold, and bending again, into the laundry basket until all the clothes are folded and in the basket, practice, practice, practice.

Move 2nd wash into dryer push button and off to put folded laundry away.


Dad wakes and is ready for breakfast. i prepare breakfast and place the newspaper in front of him . We chat a bit about how he is feeling and conclude He is up for a swim at the local YMCA. While dad finishes breakfast i pack our gym bags, wash up and dress for the gym.


Clean up dad’s breakfast and send Master a text. Master requires i check in with him throughout the day so this is a perfect time to report my progress and dad’s status as well. Master is always concerned about our well-being, Dad’s in particular and He certainly has enough to be concerned with while at work so i make every effort to keep him informed. i also take this opportunity to show Him how much He is missed and loved and desired….Perhaps a bit of sexting just to tease a bit… A great way for me to refocus again on Master and not the chores for the remainder of the day.


Gym bags in hand, Dad and i leave for the gym. Dad goes off to the pool for some exercise, mostly floating but he absolutely loves the pool. Across the hall i’m in the gym doing circuit and cardio. This is a great place for self-practice and discipline and to sneak in a bit of recreation as well. My workout starts with upper body and while exercising my arms – Tip; i do kegel exercises. Yes, for each rep i pull or push with my arms i also squeeze and release the inner walls of my vagina… This helps with muscle control, vaginal health and a host of other fun things. Now you may be saying i’m young i don’t have to worry about that.. Well think again, these muscles need to be exercised and the benefits can be extremely pleasing to you and to your Master.

Tip: i practice counting. One Sir, Two Sir, Three Sir, do this after each set or when the set becomes strained. Counting for Sir, helps gives me that extra push i sometimes need. Knowing that everything i do for my health and well-being i am also doing for Master gives me strength and determination to complete each set and push myself. This is good training for staying focused and counting while in a scene.

Tip; i love to read so i squeeze a little recreational/educational time in by reading while doing my cardio. Kindle has text to speech so i am able to listen to my books while jogging on the treadmill.


Workout complete time to head home for lunch, afternoon tasks and prepare for Master’s return home. Quick stop at the market to pick up a few items needed for tonight’s dinner.


Home, gym bags emptied, groceries put away, time to prepare lunch. The 2nd load of laundry from this morning is dried and ready to be folded and put away.


Lunch is finished, i set Dad up for his afternoon of napping and TV shows, clean up the lunch mess and i am ready to continue my day.


Most of Monday’s chores are done; i have exercised, practiced some slave positions, kegel exercises and enjoyed some reading. Now it is time to shower and prepare for Master. This by far is my favorite part of the day. Today’s shower must begin earlier since i need to wash, dry and style my hair. i have long thick hair so drying and styling can take up to an hour.

Tip: Know how long it takes to prepare for your Master. When you are instructed to be showered dressed and ready in 15 min you don’t want to disappoint. Knowing exactly how to accomplish this will ease your own stress. Be prepared with different bathing techniques or options to accommodate time schedules. For example; if i don’t wash my hair i can shower and be ready within 15 – 30 min depending on the dress requirements.


Showered, hair done, make-up done, now what to wear . If you have read some of my previous posts you may have noticed that when given the opportunity to “Surprise Master” with a dinner meal i attempt to, create an entire theme, ambiance with physical appearance, costume/dress, and an atmosphere that is suitable to the dish I am preparing. It becomes part of the surprise. Tonight i am preparing Green bell peppers stuffed with ground beef and rice, in tomato sauce with a side green salad. This is a simple meal and can be ready in 1 hr. from start to finish. This is an economical meal filled with nourishment and rich, full, bold, hearty flavors. i see it being prepared in a cozy country kitchen, for my strong, sweaty, hardworking Cowboy/Sir. Oh yes!!! The Fun Part..


Dressed in low rise jeans, tight in all the right places, a sheer white midriff top, tied at the waist, white lace bra and panties, a white leather belt and white sandals. Hair has soft cascading curl up in a ponytail (all the better for Master to hold onto…) completely energized and fully re-charged i begin to feel sparks tingling all over my body. The beat of my heart getting faster, can feel my excitement growing with the anticipation of Master‘s return home to enjoy a delicious hot meal and an even hotter, house keeper/cook/ranch hand/slave girl. 

4:30 pm:

Dinner is on the stove cooking and it is time to set the table. Tip: Prepare the table as Dinner is cooking and clean all used utensils bowls and dishes as you go about cooking. This makes after dinner clean up easier and faster, providing more time to spend with Master. i look up at the clock, and see it is almost 5:15, Master will be home any moment. Heart is beginning to race. I’m beginning that slow sweet climb to my ultimate goal of the day, that moment when Master returns home.


Master is home and i am in the kitchen waiting anxiously, to greet Him. Entering the kitchen He puts His lunch bag and keys on the counter and no matter how His work day was, Master always takes me hard, pulling me into his arms, kissing me and claiming me as His, leaving me weak and breathless. Reaching up on tiptoes i wrap my arms around his neck and hungrily return the passion of His kiss. When He releases me, i smile graciously, softly saying “Welcome Home Master, Your slave missed You.”

Stepping back, Master, takes a long slow look at his submissive. Showing no expression He says, “Something smells delicious, what time will dinner be ready to serve?”

Sir, i am ready to serve when You say, Sir…. i promptly reply.

“Good”  He says, “i will freshen up and be ready in 15min” “Oh and girl you look good enough to eat” 

As i follow Master down the hall to O/our bedroom to assist Him in getting comfortable and ready for dinner all i can think about is how much i want to ride that cowboy or visa versa.


The balance of the evening belongs to Master and although my day as a slave was full and exhausting i am at peace kneeling here at Master’s feet, warm, complete, and safe in His care. my day began at 5:00am with Master’s kiss and end sometime after 10:00pm with Master’s kiss . Tomorrow 5:00am begins anew. i hope you enjoyed spending the day with me and found some of my tips helpful.

Perhaps you have some tips you would like to share? i would love to hear from you.



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accepting this article you agree to all of the following: You
understand that this is simply a set of opinions, personal
experience and anecdotal evidence (and not advice). You are
responsible for any use of the information in this article, and
hold and all members and affiliates
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Dom/sub Journal: Are You Alone?

April 30, 2014

Am I the only one into BDSM

This world can seem very lonely when you first discover your kinks.  Most people will adamantly admit that BDSM is a disgusting perversion in public.  Lovers can become scarred off or lash out in anger if you even suggest trying out a lighter kink.  With nobody to talk to and no one to turn too, it can become a lonely existence living with your own kinks.  Hence why so many people turn away from BDSM to hopefully live a vanilla life, only to discover 20 – 30 years later that their kinks are something they just can not escape from.

If you have ever felt alone in your kinks and like you don’t belong in the vanilla world, than know that you are not alone.  There are millions kinksters around the world who are going through or have gone through the same emotions and experiences you are feeling right now.

Dom/sub Journal:  Write out any past experiences where you were shamed for your kinks.  How did these experiences make you feel?  Then describe why you should not feel ashamed for enjoying your kinks?  Describe why you should be proud of your kinks and how you will carry yourself in the future when confronted about your kinks ever again.

If you have an idea of how you can react positively towards such negativity in the future it can make handling any future situations much easier.  It will also help you to truly accept who you are and the world you choose to live in.

Here is to your continued journey,

Master Bishop


Mental Orgasms Are Real

April 24, 2014

sub-kathleen was gracious enough to continue O/our discussion on the power of the mental orgasm.  She has shared a very personal experience with her Master on the power and effects of an orgasm through mental Domination can have on a submissive.  If you were not a believer before that mental orgasms are possible, then hopefully this will help to convince you.

Master Bishop

i am pretty sure many of you have experienced an orgasm that was reached with little or perhaps even no physical touch or stimulation. Hopefully i’m not aging myself when i use the term wet dream. This was my first experience with a mental orgasm and honestly until recently i didn’t even have a clear name or understanding of what this was. Having been young and quite inexperienced i was a bit shocked by the fact that my body could in-fact respond physically to what i was seeing and feeling in my mind, in my dreams. But orgasm i did. i awoke completed saturated in sweat, my heart was pounding so hard i thought it would burst. i was panting and then there was this most deliciously warm rhythmic pulsing down low. Not in my stomach, lower, yes somewhere, ah yes there. It’s wet, and oh so sensitive. i was so completely sated and confused and disoriented. What had just happened? It was still dark outside so i quickly looked to the clock, 2:00am. Geez… what the hell just happened? That couldn’t have been a dream.

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i just laid there in the dark calming my heart and slowing my breathing and yes touching that very satisfied and sensitive spot. i closed my eyes wanting and praying that sleep would take me back to that amazing dream. Back to that place of complete open lust filled surrender. i became frustrated as i struggled to recalled every moment of that dream but it just kept eluding me. The only things i could remember were the feeling of the building heat within the core of my being and an unexpected sense of calm and trust. Somehow I just knew that this feeling, although intense and foreign is ok and i should just breathe and enjoy the ride. Then i drifted off to a restless sleep.

i have had many, many of these wonderful nights but i have also experienced this amazingly beautiful mental orgasm while awake and in the presence of my most loving Master.

Yes Awake, Live – up close and oh yes, so completely personal…. An earth shattering, body quaking, mind blowing mental orgasm. And even awake and knowing what is happening, it is still one of the most disorienting and delicious experience i have shared with Master.

I love Sunday breakfast. It is the one meal every week that Master and i prepare together. And it is fun, sexy, erotic and always the best start to a new week. However, this time, yes, this very special Sunday, O/our Sunday breakfast ritual becomes an entire day that leads up to the most amazingly slow, intense, body shaking, mind blowing, mentally induced orgasm. So have I gotten your attention?

As i said earlier, i love making Sunday breakfast with Master. It began in the kitchen. i bent to grab the eggs from the fridge and when i stood He was there, directly behind me, but not touching me. i tried to step into His embrace but He reached around me and took the eggs and whispered “thank you slave now i think You should close the door.” As He stepped away i could feel the warmth leave me and i was left breathless and wanting and cold from standing in front of the fridge with the door open. Pouting, i scolded myself ..Ok, just focus, get back to making breakfast.

He kept me on edge always there but never touching. Causing silent pleas from my body, begging for His touched a simple brush of his fingers anywhere would ignite me.

As Master prepared our morning breakfast of bacon and eggs, i went about the kitchen preparing the table. Place settings, fresh coffee and juice were needed. i am so aware of my body, it is on high alert and buzzing with need as i lean over and as seductively as possible set down each plate, utensil and glass with purpose and total focus on pleasing Master with my performance. Then while reaching across the table Master comes up behind me and sternly says, “slave are You trying to cause a fire in this kitchen?”

Quickly standing i turn and face Him and with a slight lift of a smile i reply, “no Sir, just setting the table so that W/we may enjoy that delicious meal You are preparing for U/us, Sir” It is then that Master reaches out and gently moves a piece of hair from my face, without even the slightest touch to my face. He leans in so close i can feel His hot breath on my face. i am looking down, afraid he has not found humor in my table setting or my reply. i see His hand fall away from my face and as my mind and body silently screams, touch me please just touch me. Then with that silky deep, strong, I’m in control voice Master says “look at me.” His eyes are dark like coal and He is breathing a bit harder, i can see a little flair of His nostrils and see the muscles in His jaw tighten as clenches his teeth in an effort to keep from touching me. i can feel He wants me and i want to just scream….Master, Please touch me…. Please kiss me…. Please, please, please…. Anything… Instead, He says after breakfast, you are to clean the kitchen, go to O/our room, undress, get into position and wait for me in the middle of the bed. i’m pretty sure i stopped breathing just then.

He walked away leaving me standing there, looking up and weaving a little as though i had too much to drink or not enough oxygen. How was I going to eat my breakfast now?

Well i did manage to eat as i was told and then, i cleaned the kitchen in record time and left skid marks on the carpet as i rushed to O/our room to do as i was instructed. Waiting for Master was excruciating, it seem to take forever for Him to join me. As He entered the room He joined me on the bed. He was still in His morning sweats and no shirt. i could feel His heat , smell His scent as He settled in behind me. i was so on edge, my body was begging to be touched, i thought i was going to cry out in desperation. Then without a single touch, no physical contact, with only His voice, He said, “i am going to give You the release you need but i am not going to touch you but i promise i will give you release, you will come for Me.” “ I want to watch you come for Me. ” “now lay back and close your eyes”.

By this time i was strung so tight. i wanted this and i wanted to please Master and give Him this. So i closed my eyes and just focused and just listened. i felt Master lean over me and whisper “but not now, you are not ready.” Then He was gone….

i sat up shook my head trying regain some sense of consciousness while my body remained so sexually charged that i felt dizzy and weak with need.

Frustrated, hot and a bit confused i ran straight for the shower hoping for some cold water to ease the burning and then dressed for the day. Not finding relief from the cold water i thought perhaps a diversion some reading or computer work would help. Master has not requested any special attention or assistance on any projects so the day was pretty much mine. Or was it?

Sunday afternoon and into the early evening was one continuous roller coaster ride with Master at the controls, always there, talking in my ear, teasing me with soft kisses, a pinch, a slight spank on my bottom and sometimes a full on whack. All of it artfully crafted to keep me on the edge. The anticipation at times, becoming almost painful, physically painful…But still no release.

i was finishing the kitchen clean up when Master came up behind me and wrapping His arms around me said “you have been such a good girl. Go to O/our room, strip and wait for me on the bed.”

“Yes Master!!!!!”

Master was very busy while i was cleaning the kitchen. The room was lit with soft lights and scented candles were burning. The bed covers were turned down and soothing music was barley audible in the background. Master entered and immediately blindfolded me and told me to lie on my back. Binding my wrists and legs to the bed, He began to speak, slow direct and very descriptive. I heard the music begin to fade as my mind completely focused on His voice, His words. The beating of my heart keeping time with His words, i can barely breathe. i can feel his presence, smell his scent all around me i want to touch Him, feel Him, taste Him. i can feel His hot breath across my neck, down my shoulders and continue to move to that place that is begging for His touch. But HE doesn’t touch, He just continues His verbal assault on my senses while igniting the embers within me with His hot breath, i can feel my body urgently reaching for Him. Lifting my hips hungrily seeking His physical touch, i am moving with complete abandon, climbing higher and higher, moving faster and faster, almost there. i was struggling, afraid of this unknown feeling, as if feeling my struggle, Master reached down removed the blindfold, placed His hand on my cheek, looked deep into my exposed soul and said “just let go and cum for Me, I’ve got you.”

Then, as promised, with the mastery of an erotic poet or hypnotist, Master brought me to the most amazingly mind blowing non-contact mental orgasm i had ever experienced in dreams or awake.

This orgasm didn’t just roller over me it completely shattered me. It was Fierce and Primal. It made me feel raw, open and exposed like never before, and my surrender to Master felt deeper. i felt safe and loved and so deeply connected with Master.

Each orgasm is different, but the orgasm that engages your mind first and then takes your body along for the ride (the mental orgasm) well that orgasm made me feel as if i was lost between a very erotic dream and the physical reality of need, until Master took me safely to complete exquisite surrender “BLISS”




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accepting this article you agree to all of the following: You
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experience and anecdotal evidence (and not advice). You are
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The True Beauty Of Submission

February 28, 2014

The true beauty of submission

So many people view BDSM and Dom/sub relationships to be these dark evil lifestyle choices, that strips one person of all their power, choice and freedoms.  This in fact could not be further from the truth.

I believe the problem might be that many people view these images through their own eyes.  They assume that a person must be under severe duress to do any kind of submissive act, because they personally would need to be forced under duress to do such a subservient act.  What they are forgetting is that this world includes a variety of different people. Each individual enjoys life different and as long as those interests are legal then they are free to enjoy them.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

A Dom/sub relationship is meant to be a healthy loving supportive relationship between two consenting adults.  While one person may see the submissive as powerless, most if not all submissives see their submissive activities as empowering.  It takes an incredibly strong person to absolutely trust another person so as to become completely vulnerable.  *(Nor should you make yourself that vulnerable or trust so completely to just anybody.)

One person views submission as the elimination of choice, while many submissives believe it is the ultimate choice.  BDSM is not forced slavery, every person that enters into a Dom/sub relationship in this day and age does so of their own free will.  With all the choices a free person has, the fact that they choose to serve another is breathtaking.

Just because it is not a choice that you would choose, does not mean you can criticize another for their choice.  Do W/we all not search for meaning in O/our lives?  To find something that feels natural, makes U/us happy and comes freely?

For many submissives, serving allows them freedom from their own ego, and self.  A state of enlightenment millions of people struggle to achieve.

To Your Continued Journey,

Master Bishop


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