A Bondage Harness To Extend Your Control

BDSM Male Submissive HarnessSometimes you want to be in control, even when you’re not beside your slave – and that’s your right as a Mistress. In order to make sure he knows that you’re the one who’s calling the shots, you might want to try some bondage on the go. With a bondage harness, he can always know that you’re there, even when he’s going through his normal daily activities. This simple tool allows you to exert control and to continue training your slave to do everything you desire.

The Right Bondage Harness

There are a couple of different ways that you can handle a bondage harness for your slave. You could use rope to create a bondage harness, simply encasing his torso in rope or bondage tape to help him feel your control around him. You might also want to buy a leather bondage harness he can wear underneath his clothing. Try a few of these harnesses in the scenes you do and then see whether you like the control these tools provide. You may even want him to wear the same harness from a scene until the next time you see him…

Kink No Longer A Mental Disorder

If you have an interest in BDSM, I’m sure at one point or another you have heard the mentioning of the “Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM).  This is essentially the bible of the mental health professional in the United States, essentially it is used to classify mental disorders.  In this manual there…

When Master Struggled, i Learned

i am a slave devoted to the loving care, happiness and desires of my Master. But recently it was beginning to feel as if i had no tools, no training, no clue or understanding about how to help that one most important person in my life, my Master.

It is amazing how unbalanced you can feel when the person who takes care of all your needs is struggling. When the one person who is always calm and in control, focused and strong is faced with a situation that is creating tremendous strain and stress on them and they now seem to be unbalanced themselves.

When i look at all that Master has done and continues to do every day so that W/we can live this amazing life.; To make sure that all my needs are met emotional, physically, financially, spiritual, i am flooded with such deep love and respect for Him. I’m humbled by His passion and capacity to love, His strength, integrity, honesty, His guidance, patience and humor. i understand more deeply my feelings of gratitude and honor to belong to Him. How blessed i am to Love Him… Why every day i choose to serve Him.

Sub Question: Is Everything About Pleasing The Dominant?

Everything I read is about pleasing the Dominant. Is there ever a time when attention is focused on the submissive’s pleasure? Or is a submissive’s life just about serving and pleasing the Dominant for the rest of their life to never receive pleasure again? Anonymous =========================== Master Bishop’s Opinion   Reading about what happens in…

Sub Question: How Do I Beg/Plead Better

A begging slave

Hi I was wondering if you could give me some useful tips on how to plead/beg better, I am OK But I feel I could do much better, I know submissiveness comes from the heart and it does with me, but there is always room for improvement, one never stops learning.



Master Bishop’s Opinion:

When it comes to begging and pleading, there are certainly always opportunities for improvement. One of the things I most often notice about submissives is that they don’t seem sincere. They just say the first thing that pops into their head. Which tends to translate too “Please may I XXXXX”

To serve your Mistress or Master better, you will want to make sure your begging comes from a deeper place, a place of wanting to please and a place of wanting to do all that you can to serve.