How To Be The Best Slave Girl

August 4, 2010


As the girl for your Master, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate beyond your everyday life. And at times, you have to admit, things are not as easy or as fun as you thought they might be. You might become frustrated not only with what you have to do, but also with the fact that you’re not the best ‘girl’ you can be. There must be a way to do better for your Master and for His needs. To be the best possible ‘girl’ you can be, you need to start with your mind and your body and your actions will follow easily, pleasing your Master with every action you take.

Accept Responsibility

Becoming a good slave begins with taking responsibility for your job as a slave for your Master. You can not begin by making excuses for all the things you said you would do. Since you agreed to be in the relationship you are in, it’s time to figure out how to make things work. You are the one who is responsible for your actions and once you begin to realize that, you will begin to see that the only one who can better your behavior and your actions as a slave is YOU. It is not actually the responsibility of your Master to make sure you do things right – that’s up to you. The Master can train you and push you in the proper direction, but you’re the one that needs to take that first step.

You can begin to accept responsibility by rereading your slave contract and seeing what you have promised to provide for your Master. Read this again and again each day until you can recite it from memory. This will help you remember your place and your role.

Have a Positive Attitude

Being a slave is a gift that your Master has given to you, so where is your positive attitude? When you’re constantly grumbling about what you have to do or how you feel, you will only begin to show your bad attitude to your Master – and he’s not going to be happy with this. You need to take some time to readjust your attitude. Think about all of the benefits of the position you are in and what this means to your Master to have you as his ‘girl.’ You might even want to make a list of all the benefits you get to experience as a slave and then read that to yourself each and every day to remind yourself that being positive is simple when you remember just how lucky you really are.

Request Guidance on Occasion

A good ‘girl’ is one that is willing to ask for guidance from time to time. You do not want to ask your Master about things you already know, but when you are unclear on something, be sure to ask. You want to do things right and sometimes you might need clarification. By realizing when you need more guidance, you can begin to be the best possible slave for your Master and the best possible slave in your own mind as well. When you simply jump into something, it might be a good thing to take the initiative, but only when you know what you’re doing. If not, your Master may be a bit peeved.

Being the best slave possible takes time and it takes patience – both for you and for your Master. But once you change the way you look at your job and your role, you will begin to find it simple to choose the best actions to take, no matter where your Master is and what they expect of you.

Being a slave girl however, does not mean that you can not say no to a request by your Dominant. If you feel that you are not comfortable with a request, you have the right to say no at any time. Remember this is consensual submission, not non-consensual slavery.


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