Master Training: Advanced Programs

The Secrets To Sensual Bondage Tutorial
Learn the sensual secrets to unraveling the ancient art of Bondage. Create the type of experience that most submissives long for, with breathtaking confidence and skill, by studying the beauty that is rope bondage!
The Secrets To Sensual Bondage
Anal Training Techniques
Just because you're Dominant doesn't mean you get whatever you want. Many submissives resist anal training because it is such a delicate area. If you want to have anal sex with your sub, you must learn how to make her into an ass loving slave to you!
Anal Training Techniques

Dominant Training

  • Discover the secrets to creating the submissive of your dreams

  • Step Inside To Unleash your true dominant nature and take your slave training to the next level.

  • Enter Dominant Training


Submissive Training

  • Make your Dominant proud. Learn how to become an obedient submissive

  • Crawl inside and learn the secrets to beginning your bdsm training journey to becoming Their perfect slave.

  • Enter Slave Training


    • Only high quality bdsm gear and sex toys solely designed to enhance your pleasure. Watch as your experiences become far more intense and powerful then you ever imagined.