Prostate Milking Video

June 24, 2010


As a Dominatrix one of the best ways to control your sub is through orgasm denial. To make sure he obeys your commands you can place your property into a male chastity belt. The problem is extending orgasm denial can become unhealthy for your sub. Men do need to release their fluids from time to time to keep everything in working order.

This is where prostate milking works perfectly. By milking your sub’s prostate not only will he not ejaculate the way he usually does, but milking the prostate allows fluids to be released that are not normally released with a penis ejaculation. The upside is its actually healthy to milk your sub’s prostate and you don’t have to touch his penis do perform it. Which means he can stay in the chastity belt.

Your sub will feel completely at your mercy as you provide him with his routine prostate milking. It will show him that he can actually feel more pleasure by receiving and that his penis is not as big of a pleasure center as he once thought. He will learn to rely less on his penis and will definitely think less with his penis.

Prostate milking is also a good way to teach your sub that his ass actually makes for a nice pussy. Once he learns how to receive a proper milking, getting him to take your strapon is just a hop, skip and jump away.

You must be very careful, the prostate is a very sensitive and easily damaged part of the male anatomy. Which is why we have added a new video to the strap-on training tutorial, so you can see a proper milking being performed.

To learn more about how to perform a safe, clean and mind blowing prostate orgasm go to:

Strapon and Prostate Milking Training For A Dominatrix

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Mistress Brianne


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