Sissy Play

August 5, 2010


What Does It All Mean?

As a male slave, you’re ready to do anything to please your Master or your Mistress. But what you have a secret desire, a secret fantasy as well that hasn’t had a chance to play out? If you’ve dreamed of sissy play, you’re not alone. Many male slaves are interested in becoming a sissy for a session or for a longer period of time, but just aren’t quite sure where to begin in order to make this dream come true.

So, You Think You’re a Sissy?

The best first step in taking on sissy play is to talk with your Master or your Mistress – especially if they don’t’ already know that’s what you want from your sessions. Sit down with them outside of the bedroom to talk about your fantasy in detail, helping them clearly see what you envision. Of course, there is always the possibility that they may not want to indulge your fantasy, but putting it out there will give you a better chance of becoming a sissy for a while.

As you are trying to figure out what you want, you need to realize there are a number of different levels of being a sissy. Some men simply generalize this play as being a situation in which they just put on women’s clothes and act like a woman – that can be a part of it. Others like to put on women’s clothing and then act like a maid around the house – also another possibility. Still others like to bring in a bit more of the baby theme to the play, adding in diapers and training pants. It really doesn’t matter what flavor of sissy you end up being, just that you enjoy the new role.

Sissifying Yourself for Your Master/Mistress

Becoming a sissy can be a team effort. While you might have very clear ideas as to what you should look like, your Master or Mistress should also have an idea in their mind as well. You can start out the process by buying clothing that will fit you and make you look as sissy as possible. This might include a frilly dress as well as an apron. A maid outfit is always a nice touch and adding that feather duster to help around the house makes for a clean house and a fun session.

You will also want to add some makeup to your face in order to complete the look as well as a feminine wig that will help to hide your normal hair. Other men like to add in accessories like pacifiers and jewelry as well, so have fun with whatever kind of sissy you end up becoming.

A ‘Forced’ Sissy Session

While planning ahead tends to make things easier for both the Master or Mistress and the slave, a little forced feminization is also a fun way to change up your BDSM sessions. Your Master or Mistress can ‘make’ you put on the clothing in order to turn you into a woman. For many men, this can be an erotic turn-on as the humiliation factor is high and it can be turned into a demeaning scene. Your Master or Mistress can tell you to clean certain things or to do certain things, all while you are in the sissy outfit. They might tell you to talk like a woman or to do certain things that are considered feminine.

All in all, sissy play is an easy way to change up the roles for a male slave. So, if you’re interested in trying out another gender or a day (or longer), sissy play might be the perfect fit.


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